Comic inspired

For as long as I can remember I’ve been a fan of comics, especially batman. My favorite bad guy of all time would have to be the joker. 

I remember my days as a child watching the batman animated series almost everyday and I’m going back and watching them all again in the near future. 

In this post I want to make it very clear that these next series of paintings will be inspired by comics and super heroes from DC and marvel comics even though I’m very biased towards DC. 

I hope you enjoyed and I’m looking forward to taking this next step in my paintings. I hope your excited as I am. 

Art journal materials

Today I made a trip to Michaels and bought some things for a mothers  day present and to finally start my art journal. 

First thing I needed was a journal 

This journal was a good fit because it is a mixed media sketchbook with paper that doesn’t bleed through. I never know what media I will be using so I decided on this one which will hopefully work out pretty good. 

Next week ill be giving a more on depth review of this journal and hopefully ill be filling it up with a bunch cool stuff. 

Art Journal 

I’ve been thinking of a way to frequently be more creative and I recently stumbled upon art journaling and I knew about it before hand but it was mostly just collages and normal journaling. It interests me because I simply don’t have the time to sit in front of canvas and paint on a daily, because of life and work and family my day is simply packed with things I have to do. But journaling has always been something I can just do while I’m waiting or messing around. And I think getting the abstract way of life on paper simply to make way for the big idea would be amazing. In this post I’ll have some examples of art journals but I think mine will consist of words on paper and other means of artistic expression. 

Paintings on the way

Since there’s a Michaels not too far from me I tend to go s bit too far when it comes to buying canvas. This week there was a 70% off sale which is the best thing in the world for me. I ended up buying 3 pieces of canvas. I got a 36×48 deep canvas, a 30×40, and a 20×24. I’ve painted on a 30×40 before but the 36×48 is a huge step for me but I enjoy the challenge of a big canvas. More area to paint. More room for creativity. I want more paint more colors more expression. I think it will be amazing. For the bigger size I like the idea of something like a super burner style as far as the amount of colors. Either way it should be an amazing piece. But I don’t have anywhere to hang it.  



Welcome to my blog, this will be the place of many thoughts, ideas and discussions from my hazelnut espresso coffee induced mind.

I guess is should introduce myself. My name is Tristian (madb0mber). I’m 26 years old, married into a blended family of 4. I have many hobbies which have all manifested into a huge passion of things that in some ways define who i am and how i perceive the world. Mainly i love cars especially japanese sports cars from the 90’s like R32 Skylines, Nissan s13’s or better known as 240sx here in America, Mazda RX-7’s you get the picture right. BTW i own a 1990 nissan 240sx. The full story on that soon. I also paint, 99% of my paintings are abstract simplly because through my eyes life is a mix of things for which we form an opinion of what we like and dont like, that sounded really cool but made little sense is guess. But seriously abstract is the ultimate custom, original painting because its more than paint on canvas its emotion, i feel that every painting is a piece of me, a piece of my brain that is painted to be shown to whoever wants to see it. I’m also a gamer, FPS,MOBA,RACING all that. I’ve been a gamer for as long as i can remember, having consoles since the sega genesis, and ps1, ps2, ps3, a bunch of different handhelds, like the original gameboy, atomic purple gameboy color, psp, psp go, DSixl, 2 3ds’s, and now a iphone 6s plus (yes i play games on my iphone.)

Sneakers is another hobby of mine. I’ve been collecting sneakers since high school when i was able to get a summer job to afford my own sneakers and now i quite a bit of sneakers.

Either way, this is my intro to who i am and what’s to be expected out of this blog i’m sure random things will show up and make it here dont be alarmed its just how i roll deal with it.