Art journal materials

Today I made a trip to Michaels and bought some things for a mothers  day present and to finally start my art journal. 

First thing I needed was a journal 

This journal was a good fit because it is a mixed media sketchbook with paper that doesn’t bleed through. I never know what media I will be using so I decided on this one which will hopefully work out pretty good. 

Next week ill be giving a more on depth review of this journal and hopefully ill be filling it up with a bunch cool stuff. 

Paintings on the way

Since there’s a Michaels not too far from me I tend to go s bit too far when it comes to buying canvas. This week there was a 70% off sale which is the best thing in the world for me. I ended up buying 3 pieces of canvas. I got a 36×48 deep canvas, a 30×40, and a 20×24. I’ve painted on a 30×40 before but the 36×48 is a huge step for me but I enjoy the challenge of a big canvas. More area to paint. More room for creativity. I want more paint more colors more expression. I think it will be amazing. For the bigger size I like the idea of something like a super burner style as far as the amount of colors. Either way it should be an amazing piece. But I don’t have anywhere to hang it.